"I am fond of stories about underdogs who stick to their guns despite being outclassed...who hold out even though they know they are doomed, or characters who embody fairness and justice even if it violates their pragmatic sensibilities. I also like it when a metaphorical family forms in front of our eyes...when characters create forgiving universes by embracing those in their orbit who have been abandoned or who just can't be shoehorned into normal society."


Educated at Cambridge University, Westminster College, and the University of Utah, Jeffrey Gold was a member of the Playwright's Group for more than three seasons, through the auspices of the Salt Lake Acting Company (which premiered Tony Kushner's Angels in America) under dramaturg Mike Dorrell (BBC's Soldier, Soldier, Pictures of a Floating World) and playwright-in-residence Julie Jensen (Two-Headed, Last Lists of My Mad Mother, Wait!). His plays IN THE PURSUIT OF SVETLA, HORST AND GRABEN IN THE CONTEXT OF THE UNFINISHED MAN, FITCH TODD, PERCOLATION THEORY, DEDEKIND, HORST AND GRABEN AT THE CHATEAU GODOT, EXECUTION AT PARADAIS ISLAND, DISPLACEMENT: A FISH IN WATER STORY, FAIR SHAKE, FUTURE PERFECT ("The Russian Play"), A COLD NIGHT FOR A DIVA, and PURCHASE and screenplays and teleplays THE LEAVING MAN, STEEN'S FOLLY, KLIEG LIGHT, QUANTUM DREAMS, and SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN have garnered numerous awards, readings, and productions. FAIR SHAKE was selected for the 2013 Smith & Kraus anthology The Best Ten-Minute Plays. Jeffrey has pitched to Beth Swofford (CAA), Rob Kenneally (CAA), Christopher Lockhart (William Morris Endeavor), Mark Johnson at Gran Via Productions (Breaking Bad), Barry M. Osborne (Lord of the Rings) and Chris Kuser at Dreamworks Animation (MegaMind). He was an Artist-in-Residence at the Entrada Institute. Among a number of awards and recognitions in playwriting and screenwriting, he has been a Winner in the SLFS/USP Screenwriting Fellowship (underwritten by AMPAS), a Finalist in the Writers Guild of America West (WGAw) Foundation Pitch Competition, twice Finalist in the Sundance Institute/Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Screenwriting Fellowship Competitions, and a Winner, Finalist, and Semi-Finalist in the Napa Valley Film Festival Pitch Competitions. He lives and works in Los Angeles.


Untitled TV Series Project (TV series, in development)

Black and White and Red All Over (Feature, in development)

Future Perfect (Sci-fi courtroom drama, Feature, in development)

Niceland (romantic comedy, in development)

Interregnum (TV series, in development)

The World Back Then (in development)

The Green Piano (feature, drama, in development)

China Doll (feature, comedy, in development)

Brussels Sprouts (feature, comedy, in development)

ExtraOrdinary (feature, animation, in development)

Future Perfect (feature, futuristic courtroom drama, in development)

Snowflake Obsidian (Sci-fi, Short)

Future Perfect (Sci-fi courtroom drama, Short)

Quantum Dreams (TV Pilot, comedy 30 min series)

Klieg Light (feature, comedy)

Steen's Folly (feature, Americana, biopic)

The Leaving Man (Short)


Black and White and Red All Over (In development)

Waisenhaus [Working Title] (In development)


Cold Night For A Diva

Future Perfect ("The Russian Play")

Fair Shake

Displacement: A Fish in Water Story

Candycane Hurricane

Execution at Paradais Island

Horst and Graben at the Chateau Godot


Percolation Theory

Fitch Todd

Horst and Graben in the Context of the Unfinished Man

In the Pursuit of Svetla


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Awards & Recognitions


Finalist - 2017 Oaxaca Filmfest Screenplay Competition

Finalist - 2017 Napa Valley Film Festival Screenplay Competition

Finalist - 2017 WeMakeMovies Film Challenge (LA)

Semi-Finalist (Top 100) - 2017 Table Read My Screenplay Contest (New Orleans)

Finalist - 2017 Writers Guild (WGAw) Foundation Festival Pitch Competition (Feature Animation)

Finalist (Top 3) - 2017 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition (TV Pilot)

Double Semi-Finalist - 2016 Shore Scripts [UK] Screenwriting Competition (TV Pilot)

Finalist - 2016 Napa Valley Film Festival Pitch Competition

Quarter-Finalist - 2016 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch TV Script Contest

Top 5 - 2016 ScreenCraft Screenwriting FastTrack III Fellowship Competition (1000+ scripts)

Top 40 - 2015 CineQuest Top 40 Teleplay (30 Minutes) Screenplay Competition

Top 100 - 2015 CineQuest Top 100 Feature Screenplay Competition

Semi-Finalist - 2015 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Competition

Quarter-Finalist - 2015 StoryPros International Screenplay Contest

Quarter-Finalist - 2015 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Competition

Semi-Finalist - 2015 Napa Valley Film Festival Pitch Competition

Semi-Finalist - 2015 We Make Movies Short Film Challenge

Official Selection - 2015 Woods Hole Film Festival TV Writers Symposium

Winner - 2014 Napa Valley Film Festival Pitch Competition (Pitched to David Glasser, CEO of TWC)

Second Rounder - 2014 Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition

Top 20% - 2013 Academy Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship Competition

Finalist - 2013 Sundance/Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Screenwriting Fellowship Competition

Finalist - 2013 World Series of Screenwriting competition (Top 10 Historical/Biographical)

Quarter-Finalist - 2013 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest

Semi-Finalist (Top 30) - 2013 Screenwriting Goldmine Awards/International Scriptwriting Contest (UK)

Finalist - 2013 Woods Hole Film Festival Screenplay Competition

Winner - Best Screenplay based on a True Story, 2013 Columbia Gorge International Film Festival Screenplay Competition

Winner - 2013 Best of State Gold Medal (Screenwriting)

Finalist - 2013 Write Brothers Screenplay Competition

Finalist - 2013 Canada International Film Festival Screenplay Competition (Vancouver)

Winner - 2012 SLFS/USP Fellowship (sponsored by the AMPAS [Oscars])

Winner (2nd) - 2012 StoryPros International Screenplay Contest

Top 10 Semi-Finalist - 2012 New Hampshire Film Festival Screenwriting Competition

Semi-Finalist - 2012 New York Screenplay Contest

Quarter-Finalist - 2012 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest

2nd Rounder - 2012 Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition

2nd Round - 2102 Cinequest Film Festival Screenwriting Competition

Winner - 2012 Best of State Gold Medal (Screenwriting)

Finalist - 2006 Sundance/Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Screenwriting Fellowship Competition

Winner - 2005 Best of State Gold Medal (Screenwriting)


Official Selection - Short+Sweet Theatre Hollywood 2017 (Stella Adler Theatre, Los Angeles)

Official Selection - 2017 Big Apple Theater Festival (NYC)

Official Selection - 2017 Strawberry One-Act Festival (NYC)

Official Selection - 2017 Take Ten Festival (NYC)

Official Selection - 2016 LIC One Act Festival (NYC)

Official Selection - 2016 Manhattan Repertory Theatre Company Short Play Project

Top 40 Finalist - 2014 Collective 10 (NYC) (nearly 1000 blind submissions)

Official Selection - The Voltare Project, Revolution Theatre Company (Chicago, 2013)

Official Selection - 2013 Hit and Run VII, Stage Left (Spokane)

Official Selection - 2013 "The Puzzle" New Play Festival (NYC)

Official Selection - 2013 Kauai Shorts

Winner - 2013 Best of State Gold Medal (Playwriting)

Official Selection - Smith & Kraus Anthology - THE BEST TEN-MINUTE PLAYS 2013

Official Selection - 2013 American Globe Theatre 19th Annual Fifteen Minute Play Festival (NYC)

Winner - 2013 Geneva Theatre Guild Playwright's Play Reading Contest (NY)

Winner - 2013 Northport One-Act Play Festival (NY)

Official Selection - 2013 Manhattan Repertory Theatre Winter One Act Competition (NYC)

Winner - 2012 Asphalt Jungle Shorts (Canada)

Winner - 2012 Best of State Gold Medal (Playwriting)

Winner - 2012 Northport One-Act Play Festival (NY)

Winner - 2012 Northport One-Act Play Festival (NY) (double winner)

Semi-Finalist - 2012 Moondance International Film Festival Stageplay Competition

Official Selection - 2012 Between Us Productions 10 Minute Play Festival (NYC)

Official Selection - John Chatterton 2012/2013 Short Play Lab (NYC)

Winner - 2011 8 Tens Playwriting Competition, Eight Tens @ Eight Festival (California)

Semi-Finalist - 2011 Strawberry One-Act Festival Performance Competition (NYC)

Winner - 2011 Strawberry One-Act Festival Playwriting Competition (NYC)

Winner - 2011 Fenton Village Players Playwriting Competition


"I had a chance to read FUTURE PERFECT on my plane ride today. I found it a really intriguing concept, and the literateness of the language was delightful and stimulating."

–Stephen Schwartz, Lyricist/Composer (Wicked, Godspell, Pippin)

"Comedy being the hardest mountain to climb, the writer has a great sense of humor and it shows in this piece. Congratulations, as that is a gift few people have. The dialogue is clearly smart, witty and breezy."

–Janet Leahy, Writer/Producer (Mad Men, Boston Legal, Gilmore Girls, Cheers), on QUANTUM DREAMS

"I've read a number of Jeffrey's scripts over the years: stage plays, feature screenplays, and TV pilots. He recently shared with me a pilot set in a university physics department that was darkly funny, quirky, and disturbing—in a fantastic, un-put-downable way. The anti-"Big Bang Theory." I loved it. Jeffrey has a knack for dialogue and a way of creating real, honest, unique, and quirky characters that jump off the page: searchers, dreamers, schemers. He has a sense of story that seems effortless, but comes, I think, from both study and practice—and a natural ear/eye for drama."

–Luke Schelhaas, Co-Executive Producer (The Good Wife, Outlander) on QUANTUM DREAMS

"I enjoyed it. Nice austere but riveting small piece."

–Jon Jory, The Actors Theatre of Louisville, on HORST AND GRABEN IN THE CONTEXT OF THE UNFINISHED MAN

"Jeff Gold's work is smart, original, surprising, and satisfying. He knows the theatre well, what it can do and what makes it exciting. He also has a nose for interesting characters in unique situations. His is a wonderful theatrical voice. No question about it."

–Julie Jensen, Award-Winning Playwright (Wait!, Two-Headed, Last Lists of My Mad Mother, White Money)

"FITCH TODD by Jeffrey Gold shows a playwright very much in command of the form—able to shape rich and dense content into a short play with mystery and humor. The payoff of this play is very strong. You know why you've been watching it with attention from its opening moment and feel the curtain pays all that attention off."

–David Kranes, former Artistic Director, Sundance Playwright's Lab

"Jeff Gold's work has a unique and quirky feel about it. His plays get under your skin, get stuck in your teeth until you find yourself compelled to laugh...to cry. A welcome voice in the world of theater."

–Playwright Jeff Metcalf, Founder, Sawtooth Writer's Conference

"Jeff is an inventive playwright with a wicked wit. His plays and a recent screenplay have deservedly won many contests. And he always has helpful insights about other people's work."

–Elaine Jarvik, Award-winning Playwright

"I professionally reviewed one of Jeff''s scripts and found it to be fundamentally sound, well written, and emotionally involving."

–Dave Trottier, Screenwriting Consultant/Author (The Screenwriting Bible)

"Jeffrey Gold is an exceptional, creative professional. I have benefited from his musical talents, and admire his contributions as a playwright."

–Ken Verdoia, Producer/Journalist, KUED (PBS)

"I was truly affected by your well written concise work. In each play, the dialogue flowed naturally, the ending gripped me and the final irony left me entertained with strong emotions."

–Kristin Ettinger, Assistant Editor, Pioneer Drama Service on HORST AND GRABEN IN THE CONTEXT OF THE UNFINISHED MAN and FITCH TODD

"Your play HORST & GRABEN caught our attention as an unusual, interesting and well written piece...we'd like to include it in our annual Short Play Reading Festival."

–Dena Nathanson, Director, Boca Raton Theatre Guild

"HORST AND GRABEN takes the conflicts and hardships of daily life and presents them in the form of a Vaudeville routine, in the spirit of Samuel Beckett."

–Steve Mathews, Director, Just Off Broadway Theater, Kansas City, Missouri

"DEDEKIND by Jeffrey Gold...is sure to hit the mark with a Lab [Theatre] audience. You know, them artsy types."

–Craig Froehlich, Red Magazine



Director: Kofi Boakye, Los Angeles (2018)

I've Said And Done Things That No-One Will Ever Remember (Episode: Government Secrets)

Director: Eric Kochmer, Los Angeles (2018)


Director: Tehana Weeks, Los Angeles (2018)

We Can Do Better America (PSA)

Director: Curtis Bechdholt, Los Angeles (2018)

Tony & Louise

Director: Curtis Bechdholt, Los Angeles (2017)

Nowhere Fast: The Forgotten Story of Approach Control

Producer, Writer, Composer (Temp Score)
Director: R. R. Williams, Los Angeles (2013)
*WINNER - Gold Remi Award, 2013 WorldFest Houston


Executive Producer
Director: Nicholas West (2012)

In the Company of Friends

Director: Thom Jensen, Salt Lake City (2011)
*WINNER - Audience Choice: Silver Medal for Excellence - 2011 Park City Film Music Festival

Message from Mother Earth (VI)

Director: Gabriel Lakey (2009)

Message from Mother Earth (III) 2012

Director: Gabriel Lakey (2009)
Moab Film Festival
*Winner - 2009 Moab Film Festival


Director: Jason Painter (2009)
48 Hour Film Festival
*WINNER - Audience Choice Award - 2009 48 Hour Film Festival

Pigweed Philosopher: The Untethered Zen of Kimball Johnson

Executive Producer & Music Supervisor
Director: Gabriel Lakey (2009)
2009 Moab Film Festival
2009 Port Townsend Film Festival
2009 London Independent Film Festival
2009 Park City Film Music Festival
*WINNER - Best Documentary (Foreign) - 2009 London Independent Film Festival
*WINNER - Best Documentary (Foreign) - 2009 Toronto Independent Film Festival
*WINNER - Director's Choice: Gold Medal for Excellence - 2009 Park City Film Music Festival
*WINNER - 2009 Moab International Film Festival (cinematography)

Hoot in the Hole: The Story of the Jackson Hole Hootenanny

Sound Editor
Director: Juliet Sonnenberg, Atlanta (2007)
2008 Vail Film Festival
2008 Big Bear Lake Film Festival
2008 Appalachian Film Festival
2008 Park City Film Music Festival
*WINNER - Silver Medal: Excellence in a Music Documentary - 2008 Park City Film Music Festival

Eritrea: Living in a Border War

Director: Mario DeAngelis (2006)

The Teacher

Director: Nathan Rollins, New York (2006)

Long Distance

Director: Shu-Ling Hsieh, Milwaukee (2005)
*WINNER - Festival Award, Best Gay Short, 2005 New York City Short Film Festival
*NOMINEE - Audience Choice Award, Best Gay Short, 2005 New York City Short Film Festival

Abby Singer

Director: R. R. Williams, Los Angeles (2003)
2005 Napa Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival
2005 MassBay Film Festival
2004 Park City Film Music Festival
2003 New Orleans Media Experience
*WINNER - Independent Spirit Award - 2005 MassBay Film Festival
*WINNER - Director's Choice: Gold Medal for Excellence - 2004 Park City Film Music Festival
*WINNER - Fleur de Lis Award - Best Feature Film - 2003 New Orleans Media Experience
*WINNER - Fleur de Lis Award - Best Independent Film - 2003 New Orleans Media Experience

Edge Running

Director: R. R. Williams (2002)

Proteus Point

Composer (contributing)
Director: Michael J. Cox (2002)

The Racketeers

Composer (Theme)
Director: Geoff Hansen (2002)


Composer (Main Contributing)
Director: Ken Verdoia, KUED (PBS) (2002)


Director: Charles Bird (2002)

Children of the Wind

Director/Producer: Jeffrey Gold, U.K. (1997)


Director: Alkesh Vaja, U.K. (1997)

Isles in the Midst of the Great Green Sea

Director: Jeffrey Gold (1995)


Director: Jeffrey Gold (1995)


Coming soon.

Questions & Answers

What are your favorite movies?

Some of my favorite movies (in no particular order) include The Shawshank Redemption, Onegin, Black Robe, Five Easy Pieces, Downfall, Stalingrad, Dunkirk, The Lives of Others, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Urga, Anna, Burnt by the Sun, Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears, Chinese Box, The King of Devil Island, Good Morning, Mr. Wallenberg, Pelle the Conqueror, Roxanne, Out of Africa, and many more.

Who are your favorite screenwriters?

Some of my favorite screenwriters (in no particular order) include Peter Morgan, Paul Attanasio, Richard LaGravenese, Steven Zaillian, Aaron Sorkin, Robert Towne, William Goldman, Richard Price, Billy Ray, Oliver Stone, and more.

What are your favorite plays?

Some of my favorite plays include The Merchant of Venice, Julius Caesar, Bus Stop, Educating Rita, Glengarry Glen Ross, When You Comin' Back Red Ryder?, The Glass Menagerie, This Property is Condemned.

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